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Extended Support and Training Services

We offer the training and support your beloved pets deserve

Reactive Training

All of our programmes offer a high level of support in the course of over two months. In order to cater for your pet's needs we will decide the best programme for your pet after the initial consultation.

We will discuss which plan would be best for your requirements, and then set up a standing order. The minimum requirement is needed to get the best results.

Look below to see our different levels of training programmes available:

Premium Training Programme £150 per month

These may be covered by your insurance company:

Reactive / Nervous Anxious Dog Support £200 per month

These are shorter sessions since we don't want to overwhelm the dogs.

Advanced Support £300 per month

If you feel you need top-ups, add-ons, or the retainer programme, these can be arranged at extra cost.

The retainer programme is for long term cases that feel they just need a guiding hand and support. This is available for £80 a month, after 2 months a single house visit is included.

You can book your discovery call here

Reactivity & Nervousness in the Groom Room

The groom room can be a scary place for some dogs, but we have the skills to help. We take the time to make your dog feel safe, whether it be from nail clipping or having a bath. Things may have happened before which we will have to rectify.

We only work with one dog at a time, and no caging.

This takes time and patience, please call or email to discuss your dog's issues. The programme is available from £25 onwards.

All programmes are individually designed for your dog's specific condition, whether that be anxiety, nervousness, or reactivity.

Sniffer Dog Training

Scent detection training has long been widely used across the world for working and operational services. Our amazing dogs have been used to search for drugs, bombs, firearms, cash, contraband, missing people, and human remains. Even more amazing, in recent years dogs have been used for medical assistance purposes. Assisting with medical alerts (diabetes & epilepsy), and medical detection such as detecting cancer cells in humans.

We aim to give owners the skills to train and take part in scent training activites with their dogs, just like the working "Sniffer Dogs"!

Amazing results for reactive & nervous dogs, it really helps to focus them.

Puppy Training

It's very exciting when you get a new addition to the family, but soon enough the doubtful questions start to fill your head: "What if this happens? What if that happens?"

Not too worry, though. We can help with the settling in, equipment, and training.

Let's put the fun back into having a new addition, from lovely walks and relaxing times in the park.

Prices include a 90 minute consultation, with which we will do a follow-up call and check-in. We then offer a training plan for £95.00

Intermediate to Adult Dogs Training:

Premium Programme £150.00

Focused Support Programme £200.00

This is a shorter but more frequent programme for dogs that struggle to focus.

Advanced Support Programme £300.00

You can always add-on or ask for extra sessions, we will gladly accommodate you.

Specialist One to One Programmes £95.00

These are suited for the rehabilitation of reactive, nervous, or anxious dogs who need individual attention while you are out or at work.

Again, we will do a Discovery Call which will last 15 minutes.

Then the consultation which will be in-house as to ascertain if the dog needs a full medical check as they may be in pain, and to assess the situation, which is discussed during the discovery call.

Afterwards you will receive a training plan and a report.

Platinum Programme £200.00 per month

Your beloved dogs are walked in a secure set-up and an area which is suitable to overcome their fears and anxieties.

Diamond Programme £400.00 per month

Your beloved dogs are walked in a secure set-up and an area which is suitable to overcome their fears and anxieties.

Caroline is such a pleasure to deal with; always prompt and professional. She made us feel totally at ease and gave some great advice. I highly recommend her!

- Sandy

I’ve just had my Poochon handed back to me from Caroline who has groomed her... she looks and smells fantastic! Such a great job, thank you!

- Sam Hubbard

Caroline has been helping us to help Taz get over her fear aggression with other dogs. Today was the first time Taz has met another dog and not reacted, they even walked together! We are so pleased and working with Caroline are optimistic that Taz will continue to improve. Thanks for the advice and patience with Taz, Caroline.

- Mick and Andrea

Very professional service, would highly recommend as Buddy thoroughly enjoyed his walk with Caroline!

- Louise

Caroline has given Koda a great cut, he loved it! Highly recommended.

- Janine Kelly

Had our crazy spaniel groomed with Caroline. She did a fantastic job and he looks great! She followed our recommendations on how long/short we wanted him and sent over photos when she had finished. Thanks Caroline.

- Sara Deacon