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Additional Services

Quality services for your beloved pets

Reactive Training

Different levels of programmes available.

Wash and Go

With a variety of washing techniques making sure to get hard to reach areas, we'll get your lovely pooch back to a fantastic standard of cleanliness.

Dog Grooming

A fresh new haircut and pampering is not only fun for your young dog but also a great way to keep irritating hair away.

K9 Massage

Deep massages can increase blood flow and relax tensed up muscles, keeping your dog more calm.

Grooming Services

High quality dog grooming

Grooming Service Price
Border Collie £35
Border Terrier (Clip Only) £25
Cairn Terrier (Clip Only) £25
Chihuahua (Long Haired) £22.50
Cockapoo / Cavapoo / Cavachon £35
Dachshund, Miniature (Long Haired) £20
Dachshund, Standard (Long Haired) £30
Flat Coat Retriever £40
German Shepherd £45
Golden Retriever £45
Husky £40
Jack Russel (Clip Only) £25
Labradoodle £40
Labrador £30
Norfolk Terrier (Clip Only) £25
Papillon £25
Pomeranian £25
Rough Collie £50
Rottweiler £40
Setter £40
Shih-Tzu £30
Schnauzer (Miniature) £27.50
Schnauzer (Standard) £35
Schnauzer (Giant) £45
Spaniel, Cocker, Springer £35
Spaniel (King Charles) £30
West Highland Terrier £30
Yorkshire Terrier £22.50
Nail Clipping and Ear Cleaning £5.00

*All Dogs MUST be up to date with their annual vaccinations, evidence required.

Emmi Pet Cleaning

Silent and Vibration Free

The Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush works completely silent and vibrationless, so your dog can enjoy dental care.

Pay as you Go Prices Price £30

Subsequent Visits Price £15 each

Pre-Paid Introductory Offer Price £99

Caroline is such a pleasure to deal with; always prompt and professional. She made us feel totally at ease and gave some great advice. I highly recommend her!

- Sandy

I’ve just had my Poochon handed back to me from Caroline who has groomed her... she looks and smells fantastic! Such a great job, thank you!

- Sam Hubbard

Caroline has been helping us to help Taz get over her fear aggression with other dogs. Today was the first time Taz has met another dog and not reacted, they even walked together! We are so pleased and working with Caroline are optimistic that Taz will continue to improve. Thanks for the advice and patience with Taz, Caroline.

- Mick and Andrea

Very professional service, would highly recommend as Buddy thoroughly enjoyed his walk with Caroline!

- Louise

Caroline has given Koda a great cut, he loved it! Highly recommended.

- Janine Kelly

Had our crazy spaniel groomed with Caroline. She did a fantastic job and he looks great! She followed our recommendations on how long/short we wanted him and sent over photos when she had finished. Thanks Caroline.

- Sara Deacon